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Back from New York to Moscow

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Oct. 2nd, 2009 | 10:31 am
location: Armenia, Yerevan
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The gallery “Our painters” exhibits not so well-known paintings of Sergey Sudeykina, Boris Grigoriev, Nikolay Feshin and Pavel Chelisheva from Moscow and Saint Petersburg private collections.

The gallery “Our painters” holds the exhibition of works of “Russian Americans” organized by the initiative of the journal ART+AUCTION RUSSIA. All the 40 art works of the painters that worked in the US in the first half of the 20th century are represented by the gallery and by private collectors from Moscow and Petersburg. Some of the collectors preferred not to go into details and did not tell their names.

The owner of the gallery Natalia Kurnikova as well as Boris and Marina Molchanovs also agreed to exhibit the works they pertained. By the way, Marina Molchanova is the director of the gallery “Elizium.” This gallery is also actively promoting artists of Russian diaspore.

The interest to the art of Russian emigration arose just in the last two-three decades. This theme managed to become timely and actual not only for researchers but also for art collectors.

Today the price of some pictures of Feshin and Rarikh rolls over $1 million. Boris Grigoriev’s canvas “The shepherd in the mountains” was sold in Sotheby’s auction in November of 2008 for unprecedented $3,7 million.

Thanks to the purchases of Russian collectors the works of art of “Russian American” painters are being brought back to their motherland and are coming out of the shade.

Let’s hope that new auction records are expected for the heroes of the gallery “Our painters”

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